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We hope that you have enjoyed our website and found it functional and extremely easy to use. We hope that it has answered all questions that you may have had about ZBT Brandeis. Feel free to visit the national Zeta Beta Tau website for any other questions referring to ZBT, or for information on ZBT at other locations within the United States.

For more information on the current structure of the fraternity feel free to look at our current administration on the following page: Administration.

In addition, please feel free to check out these other Greek Organizations located at Brandeis University.

Fraternities on Campus
Alpha Delta Phi
Sigma Alpha Mu
Phi Kappa Psi
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Sororities on Campus
Delta Phi Epsilon
Sigma Delta Tau

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The following contains many amusing and fun websites that brothers of ZBT Brandeis have found and believe that you will enjoy. Please take into consideration that we mean no offense by any of these sites or the content that they may contain.

Coco Suggests: Noodles On My Back (song)
Danko Suggests: Wanna Waste Time? (game)
Melville Suggests: Real-Time Mario (movie clip)
Frat Suggests: Old Grey Mare (lyrics + download)

Brothers in the News! -- hahah
Ziggy: Pesky Parrot Exposes Bad Relationship (News Article)
Bombur: Hippo Eats Dwarf! (News Article)