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Academics is of uttermost importance to us at ZBT. Nationally, ZBT emphasizes to its undergraduate Brothers that their first priority is academics, to be put before fraternity when needed. ZBT Brandeis students are firstmost students, and must maintain a minimum GPA. Brothers are encouraged to seek help from their fellow brothers if they are falling behind. ZBT Brandeis has brothers in over 15 majors and minors and every brother is available and willing to help his fellow brother in need. ZBT Brothers are involved in, or have completed the following majors and minors:

Numerous ZBT brothers, from many of the above majors and minors, are also involved in the Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, and Pre-Law tracks offered here at Brandeis University.

Activities and Extracurriculars

In addition to striving for academic excellence, the brothers of ZBT are not beyond attempting to take on numerous extracurriculars, causing most if not all brothers, to lead very busy collegiate lives. Brothers encourage eachother to take on leadership roles whether they be extracurricular, fraternally or academically related. ZBT brothers have a presence in the following activites, as well as many more:

For a complete list of team-sports and intramural sports, that ZBT brothers take part in, please see our Athletics Page.