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March 8th, 2007
New Website Launched!
We launched our new site today. Some new features include:
  • Completely new layout
  • Brothers-only section - now available!
  • Blog-like news
  • Pictures gallery with user uploads
  • Minutes
  • Full Brothers list with profiles and info
Feel free to take a look at the following entries to see an example of what Zeta Beta Tau Brandeis has been up to for the past few months! Enjoy.
November 12th, 2006
This last summer, two of our brothers, Jesse Goldberg, and Robert Geiman, endeavored to create a new ZBT table for our common room and future residence. Their table is now in a competition for best table of the month, against many others from other schools around the country.

Please help us out, we need your vote!!! Support Brandeis, Support Greek Life, Support Zeta Beta Tau!!! Vote for our table for table of the month at

October 29th, 2006
1st Annual Parents Weekend
This semester our chapter had our first annual parents weekend. We felt that it was about time that our families were given a chance to witness the choices we've made as we enter adulthood, as well as share our fraternal experiences with them. First, we held a reception for the brothers' families so that they could meet all of us and ask any questions that they might have had about the brotherhood. Next, the chapter took their extended family out to dinner, to Vinny T's. Every Zeeb contributes to the brotherhood by virtue of his character, which is built from his entire life experience. It was great for all of us to gain some insight into how we've arrived at this point, as Brothers of Zeta Beta Tau.

October 26th, 2006
Get On the Ball - Success!
For the last three days, brothers pushed around a 6-foot circus ball, and asked students, faculty, and anyone who passed by to sign it. For every signature, our sponsors agreed to donate to the Children's Hospital of Boston in Waltham via the Children's Miracle Network, our national charity. Sponsors included, Chimblo Real estate services, and Kaplan. The event was a great success. All told, we acquired just over 2000 signatures, raising almost $2,500 dollars for the Children's hospital

Constructing a fortress this high takes lots of LEGO bricks. Most of our project's friends have gave awayI from their individual collection, but the target couldn't be reached without the fruitful assistance of thousands of supporters.

. As a brotherhood, ZBT is at the forefront of establishing a relationship between Greek life and the Brandeis community. Get on the ball is helping both the children of greater Boston and the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau move forward to a brighter future.
Check out these two articles on the event, published by Brandeis Newspapers:
The Justice - Get On The Ball
The Brandeis Hoot - ZBT collects names to raise funds

January 16th, 2006
ZBT Raises Over $500 for the Doctors Without Borders General Fund
With the help of staff, students, teachers, and brothers, ZBT has raised over $500 to help the Doctors Without Borders Foundation. The Doctors Without Borders Foundation is an internationally acclaimed charity organization that helps provide financial and medical aid to many countries around the world.